For the longest time I didn't really know what "Indie" meant, and it's quite possible that I still don't. I've always loved independant films, they have a magical quirkiness to them that Hollywood block busters never can seem to muster.
When I became serious about writing books that I wanted published I began searching the web for every ounce of advice I could find. I bought motivational books, online webinars, I read blogs and anything else I could get my hands on. Many of the articles and things I read had the same advice, it all fell under building the perfect best seller and molding your book for mainstream.
Then a crazy thing happened, I got a twitter account and a world of Indie authors was opened up to me. I read as many of their books as I could, devouring them page after page without remorse, always hungry for the next one. About three or four indie books in I realized why I loved them so very much, aside from the fact that they were amazing books filled with lands and characters I loved, they were not cookie cutter books. There was no perfect blue print method to write these books, they came straight from the authors imaginiation and heart and main stream modeling be damned. I was hooked. 
To me Indie means maybe not writing the "perfect" book,but writing the best one. Because its honest and real, because it's the story YOU want to tell and your readers want to read, not the story that best fits into this weeks Bestsellers list. Indie to me is freedom. Indie is power and honesty. It's fearlessness. It's everything I hope my books can be!

The pictures I post are ones I have taken. The above picture as well as the one next to my WIP are of my oldest daughter who was nice enough to pose for me but would die if she knew they were posted online!


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