My Shea



This is Shea my amazing 11 year old daughter. A few years ago she became sick and we feared the worst. After countless doctors' visits with every kind of doctor anyone could think of, we ended up at Texas Childrens where she was diagnosed with Myalgia (chronic pain) and while there are far worse things in the world, it was a painful blow to think she would be in pain almost every single day of her life.
There are so many wonderful things about Shea that make her unique and endearing. She is quirky and smart, she is funny and brave and a total book nerd just like me. She loves things people tell her she shouldn't, like pokemon, bakugaun, anime, stuffed animals, and for some odd reason goats lol.
She does not excell at sports, she doesn't ride a bike or play freeze tag like the other kids on our street, and I know she is picked on and it breaks my heart, and yet she stands tall. She is always ready to help others, offer a kind word, even to those who would put her down, she loves and watches over her little brother and she ignores the pain as much as she can.
She is my hero. She makes me want to be a better, stronger person. And the fear and questions that overwhelmed us before we had a diagnoses led to my first published novel Losing Connor. I don't know what I would do without her, she is my sunshine! Thanks Shea, you are the greatest kid any parent could ask for!!



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