I am a huge believer in being yourself. Something I had a very hard time with growing up. Not because I didn't know who I was but because I grew up in a time and place where people judged the parents by the kids, and maybe they still do and I just don't care enough to pay attention. I wanted to be one of the wild, blue haired, nose ringed goth kids that protested everything, didn't eat meat and listened to music that was considered "made by the devil". Instead I was a proper, well behaved ,charm school girl, like everyone wanted me to be.
Now I'm an adult and sadly being the wild blue haired girl is out of the question (unless I become rich as a writer, fingers crossed!) But I do have children of my own now, all special and unique in their own way. I have a hard headed do as you please 17 year old daughter that knows what she wants and how she wants it and although she sometimes has a mouth like a sailor she has the heart of a saint. I have an 11 year old  daughter with fibromyalgia and anxiety who is quirky and strange and loves pokemon and dinosaurs and never wants to get married just wants to adopt a baby girl. And I have a 5 year old son that wants to be a girl because they are beautiful and they get to have babies, and I wouldn't change a thing about any of them. But there are those that try. Year before last when my son Atticus  was in preschool he wanted to paint his fingernails just like his big sisters. So we ran to the store, let him pick out some colors and we painted them. At his request we painted them in an A, B pattern. Blue , purple, blue , purple. His teacher was outraged. She told my mother who picks him up after school that it needed to be removed, that the other children had mocked him and bullied him. My first question was why would she allow them to? But when I asked Atticus if his friends laughed at him he said no, only his teacher said something to him. A parent teacher meeting followed. If my son wants to wear fingernail polish or a neon pink tutu so help me he's going to.
There is too much judgement in this world, to much conforming to a cookie cutter ideal of good and perfect. I like my kids the way they are, and I will stand up to anyone who tries to change them. He may grow out of his "girl" stage and he may not, either way he's perfect. I guess this rant is to say,when you look at someone don't look at their clothes, or hair or tattoos, look at their heart. I don't want my son or any of my kids to ever be ashamed of who they are. No child should feel that way. Where would this world be if we were all the same? If there were no inovators, no risk takers, no one willing to say let's try it this way instead? Celebrate our differences what ever they may be and be you, no matter who the people around you are being!
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