Oh how quickly things change! One day everything is going the same as always and the next you have a headache that changes your life. At least that's what happened to me. I was an inclusion aide at my local high school, battling a two day migraine when I decided to run to the nurses office to get some Tylenol. She insisted on taking my blood pressure ( I assure you it was because of my weight) but that's okay, I'm not mad, I'm overweight and I know it. When she took it for the third time with a different cuff I began to worry. Apparently it was at "stroke level" so she sent me to the doctor.
After a wonderful battery of tests that led to the removal of my gall bladder, the introduction of blood pressure meds as well as learning I had Type II diabetes everything in my nice, normal EASY life changed.
No fast foods, no fried foods, no soda, no salt , no sugar, no beef....I was sure I would starve to death because lets be honest what the hell is left to eat once you take all those things out?
What's left is ground turkey breasts, fresh veggies, fruit in small amounts and low carb pasta. Such a huge change should have drove me into a self induced Blue Bell diabetic coma, but with the unwavering support of my husband, who gave up all the things I did except his daily Dr. Pepper I have not only survived but actually THRIVED. I found that after a few weeks I didn't miss those things so much anymore, the icing on that cake being that so far I've lost 35 pounds, my energy is up and I actually crave vegetables now instead of McDonald's French fries.
Even after that landslide of changes there were more on the horizon. My husband got a new job in a town 5 1/2 hours from our home. While his little car gets good gas mileage that's a hell of a commute through both Houston and Dallas traffic! So we packed up everything, kids included and moved from our two story house to a small two bedroom apartment. I love the location, the kids love the pool, my husband loves his new job and bigger paycheck.
To celebrate all the life changes I decided to go out with a very good friend of mine and get tattoos. I know they aren't for everybody, but I love them. Before I got this one I already had three others. And I plan on getting many more. This one symbolizes my life long dream of being a writer, which I am now! Losing Connor is the title of my first self published book.
I guess the moral of this long rambling what not, is even when things look their worse, good things can always come from it! A headache changed my life, diabetes saved it, and now I am ready to get out there and LIVE!