No pun intended! Although I have started several "new chapters" in a few new books I hope to have out this summer! 

This is a new chapter in my life, a good one!
After years of toil and endless nights, days and weekends, my husband graduated with his bachelors degree in Psychology and just two weeks ago was hired in the wonderful town of Garland Texas to be one of their full time crime analysts!

It's a huge pay raise, as well as an opportunity to start fresh somewhere that, so far, we really love! My husband is already settled into our new apartment and I am staying in Houston with the kids until the end of school.
It's been a hard thing waiting here for June to crawl over the horizon, but it will be well worth it. I miss him and his wacky sense of humor as well as his sage like advice, but with this job and move he has offered me the chance to stay home and write full time.
Be ready to be FLOODED with new books , shorts and p